b'#HRCEID2019How do you WOW 130 teachers at a Friday night professional learning opportunity?Yourolloutastudent-made,life-sized R2D2! MostafaJawid,HalifaxWestHigh School Class of 2019, kicked off HRCEs Fifth Annual Innovation in Teaching Day askeynotespeaker.Mostafaoriginally appearedinHRCEsvideoWhats Your Why? (at the 7:22 mark) this past September. AtInnovationDay2019,he(andhis mother!)sharedhowMakerspace changed his life. Heres part of his address (right). I dont think Makerspaces are to make stuff. theyre for making people.- Lina ArafehMostafas Mother TheconferencecontinuedonSaturday,Thanks to the 25 teachers who offered whereMakerspacewasjustoneof35their expertise and experiences to their sessions that were offered. From Digitalpeers. Special thanks to our Technology BreakoutRoomstoVirtualReality,IntegrationLeadTeam(TILT),Meaghan participantshadtheopportunitytoBoudreau,ChrisCocekandMario network,share,collaborate,andlearnEleftheros,fororganizinganother fromcolleaguesacrosstheregion,theawesome learning opportunity!province, and across the country. Below is a sneak peek into what many say Ofthe130attendees,morethanhalfis the BEST professional development we were first timers!offer!Teachers in attendance laughed and cried duringamovingkeynotefromJennifer Casa-Todd,ateachinglibrarianfrom Ontario,whileexploringbestwaysto helpourstudentsbecomeresponsible digital citizens and how to be social media leaders within our schools. Why?Learning together + innovative teaching = student success.REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | NOVEMBER 2019 5'