b'Levelling the Playing FieldHow is Millwood High levelling the playing field for all students?Levelling the Playing Field is a program thatstaff and SchoolsPlus Lead along with theTo learn more about the program and its was initiated last year by Millwoods ViceSackville Sports Stadium.impactonstudents,clickonthearticle Principal,LaurenEmanuelandYouthbelowthatrecentlyappearedonNova HealthCentreCoordinator,LorraineMillwoodhasappliedforanothergrantScotiaHealthAuthoritys(NSHA)news Gavin.Thegoalwastoassiststudentsandhopestoexpandtheprogramthispage.inmakingconnectionswithcommunityyear, to include music therapy and access recreation, nutrition and fitness programs.to employment opportunities, in additionNot all students have the totherecreationandfoodliteracysame access or opportunities to Fifteen students were able to access thesecomponent. The goal is to support and levelprograms and services in their opportunities in the 2018-19 school year,the playing fieldforanother60studentscommunity. At Millwood, we thankstocollaborationbyMillwoodsstarting in 2020.want to level the playing field by building students senses of belonging to the larger community and each other.- Lauren EmanuelVice Principal, Millwood HighWhy?Well-being and a sense of belonging are critical to student success. National Day of Action for MMIWGOctober4wasCanadasNationalDayofActionforMissingand Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). Tohonourtheday,studentsatLockviewHighandSirJohnA. Macdonald, under the guidance of their Mikmaq/Aboriginal Student Support Worker Denise DiGiosia, engaged in aReclaim and REDress project. Theproject,createdbyMetisartistJamieBlack,isbeingused throughout the country to acknowledge and honour the more than 1200 MMIWG. In Canada, Indigenous woman and girls are 12 times more likely to go missing and murdered than any other women.After thoughtful discussion, students hung red dresses throughout the school to create opportunity for further discussion with the school community. This also represents a small act of Reconciliation. Why?Every act of Reconciliation 6 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | NOVEMBER 2019 matters.'