b'Student Transportation Our Transportation Team continues toWant to make sure you have notificationsIf school is closed for the day, information expand! enabled?willbesharedinanumberofways including:We are excited to welcome Amy ParsonsGo to BusPlanners Parent Portalaboard as Transportation Supervisor.Click My Informationwww.hrce.caClick EmailTwitter, @HRCE_NSAmy comes to the HRCE with a wealth ofUnder Change you Subscription Settings,902-464-INFO (4636) experience and expertise in transportation. makesuretheboxischeckednexttext messageAmys role is to help improve the studenttoWouldyouliketoreceiveemail transportation experience. notifications? Transportation Contract Update What if theres a delayed opening or an earlyQuestions about student school closure? transportation?We are in the final stages of procuring newHRCEs Transportation Team student transportation services to start inIn the event of a delayed opening by twois here to help: September 2020.hours, bus pick up times will be two hours later than the regularly scheduled pick up 902-431-HRCE (4723) As soon as contracts are finalized, we willtime. let you know. We expect to make a publictransportation@hrce.ca announcement prior to the holiday break. In the event of a midday closure, buseshrce.ca/transportationwill be dispatched to schools two hours Winter is coming!earlier than their regularly scheduled pick up time for afternoon dismissal. Walking Itsinevitableinclementweatherwillstudents will be dismissed at their regularlyWhy?cause bus delays. Any delays to bus runs ofscheduled lunch hour.15 minutes or more will be communicated via BusPlanners notification system. Guidelinesforschooland/orbusImproved student transportation cancellationsduetoinclementweather can be found here.is a commitment. School Advisory Council (SAC) NotesProvincial Meetings for SAC Chairs andFine Arts Thoughtexchange Principals Thanks to SAC members who shared Thanks to all those who participated intheir thoughts about the future of EECDs professional learning sessionsfine arts programming supported by in Halifax on November 8. supplementary funding. The voice of school communities isincredibly valuable as we work to provide the best experiences for students and their families. A report on the results can be found here.Dont forget! All important HRCE information for SAC Chairs and members can be found here. Information from EECD can befound at www.ednet.ns.ca/SAC Do you have a story to share?Something youd like to know more about?connect@hrce.ca8 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | NOVEMBER 2019 Media contact: kconnors@hrce.ca'