Deep Learning Impr Achievement Equitable Education Instruction and Leadership Improving Student Achievement HRCE is a member of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), a global partnership of educators and industry leaders focused on this work. In the January RED report, we began a series looking into the various ways HRCE educators are delving into the deep learning movement by examining the four elements that teachers consider when they design effective deep learning experiences for students. They are: learning environment, learning partnerships, new pedagogies, and leveraging digital. To view January’s story about learning environments, click here. How are partnerships connected to deep learning? The partnerships that students form within our schools, our communities and beyond enhance deeper learning experiences. We all have different lived experiences, backgrounds, knowledge and interests. When educators intentionally create opportunities for students to hear different perspectives and to network with one another – inside and outside the school walls – the community becomes their classroom. African Heritage Month is an excellent example of how HRCE teachers and administrators are drawing upon the expertise of community members to help students deeply understand our rich African history – at a local level. These partnerships are invaluable to authentic student learning. Did you see the SJAM students singing with Linda Carvery on page 1?! This month, students at Astral Drive Junior High School were given the opportunity to learn deeply about systemic racism and injustice by researching and interviewing members of the local African Nova Scotian and Indigenous communities who have first-hand experiences. The program, Empower Change by Conversation, was initiated by teacher Megan Neaves. To learn more about what this experience meant to students and participants, watch this story from Global News. At Crichton Park Elementary School, many students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 are continuing their deep learning journey by using what they have gained through learning partnerships during their lunch hour. They’re part of a student-initiated and student-led club called Changemakers. Not only are they making meaningful connections and learning from others, they’re turning their learning into action. Learn more in this video.