What’s the role of the Child and Youth Care Practitioner? Hint: it’s all about building positive relationships! As part of the 51 additional inclusive education specialists allocated from the Commission on Inclusive Education, HRCE has 10 Child and Youth Care Practitioners in place to support students. Find out what that support could look like in this video: Each month, you’ll find an overview of these positions. Parent Navigators, Autism Specialists, the School Health Partnership Nurse and Program Planning Specialists have been explored in previous reports. Did you know? We’re ALWAYS hiring! In an organization as large as the HRCE, there are always openings for teaching and non-teaching positions and we’re always looking to deepen our substitute and casual employee pools. When regular employees are away from work (it’s cold and flu season), schools rely on our dedicated groups of substitute and casual employees to fill those roles. Full-time work is available. We have 135 schools and more than 6,000 employees who may require replacement. Can you see yourself filling in as an Administrative Assistant? An Early Childhood Educator? A Custodian, Educational Program Assistant or a Library Support Specialist? Classroom Teacher? If you’re interested in adding yourself to our list, please reach out: call 902-464-2000 or email careers@hrce.ca. Help us spread the word. Leadershi 4 Our Staff Improving Student Achievement Equitable Education Inclusive Education Council to Improve Classroom Conditions Instruction and Leadership This month, our HR Health and Abilities Team hosted two Wellness Fairs, which were free to all HRCE employees. The events included more than 15 health vendors who presented on various topics, including dietary services, fitness facility services, naturopathic medicine, mental health interventions, sleep resources, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and occupational therapy services. Employee benefits providers were also on hand to provide information on supports and coverage that HRCE employees have from a health perspective. Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the events. HRCE is committed to providing ongoing wellness supports. Look for upcoming events! If you have suggestions, questions or require support, please reach out to our Health and Abilities Team at hrhelp@hrce.ca. Human Resources Services Notes