Technology Integration & Innovation System Review: Transition and Expansion Improving Student Achievement Pre-Primary Learning Moments 6 This month, 100 principals and vice principals had the opportunity to hear Brian Aspinall, our keynote speaker from Innovation Day, talk about the importance of changing the way educators approach technology and coding in the classroom. They participated in a hands-on coding session where they learned how to code a coin flipper. During this session, Aspinall demonstrated how the process of what students learn is just as beneficial as the end result. TILT is also working with Digital Nova Scotia and on our Opening Doors project which started this month. Fifty educators will attend five sessions before the end of the year that will connect technology opportunities with local industries. In class support is in full swing! Andrew Casey has joined the team, replacing Chris Cocek for the remainder of the year. Andrew comes to the team from Astral Drive Elementary and brings a strong understanding of technology and curriculum connections at the elementary level. HRCE students are green screening, coding, making, experimenting, tinkering, and Googling their way through the year and as always, TILT is happy to support those teachers who need a little help in using technology to engage learners and take their lessons to the next level. Who do I contact if I have a concern? Effective communication is a crucial component to ensure the success of an SAC. The first point of contact for an SAC is the school’s principal. The school principal works closely to maintain effective communication with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD), the Regional Centre, the school community, and their SAC. Most of the communication between the SAC and the Regional Centre and EECD will flow through the school principal. After speaking with the school principal, if you feel your concern has not been resolved, the next point of contact would be the School Administration supervisor for your Family of Schools. Contact information can be found in the People section on the School Finder page. Click on the name of your school for the specific contact information. School Advisory Council Notes Equitable Education