b'APRIL 2019VOL. 8REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORTOur stories about improving student achievementeleroux @ hrce.ca @ Elwin_LeRouxInside:Education Week Behaviour Support TeacherPre-Primary NewsWho Do I Contact with Questions or Concerns?1. Start with your childs teacherWhyarethesestudentsatBeechville-Lakeside-TimberleaSenior2. Follow-up with the School PrincipalElementary looking so proud?3. Call HRCE at 902.464.2000 and we They just discovered - and solved - a real-world problem at school! Thiswill connect you to the right person*is a grocery bag holder to assist those who have difficulty carrying heavy* An Administrative Supervisor is assigned to loads due to arthritis, and its just one of many assistive devices designedeach school. Part of their role is to support and produced by students in Jeff Hennigars Grade 5 classroom.families and work through challenges. Learn more about how HRCE teachers are providing opportunities forView Parent/Guardian Concern Protocolstudents to deepen their learning by leveraging digital technology on page 3.Wondering about important dates for next year? Our 2019-2020 School Calendar is out! We emailed it to all families on April 17. Didnt get the email? Check with your school to make sure your information in PowerSchool is accurate. Click here to view the calendar in full. Please share it, print it and post it! The first day of school for students will be Thursday, September 5. The last day of school prior to the holiday break will be Friday, December 20 with students returning to school on Monday, January 6. March Break will run from March 16-20. The last day of school for students will be Tuesday, June 30.'