3 Inclusive Education: New Supports for 2019-20 Leadershi Improving Student Achievement Equitable Education Inclusive Education Instruction and Leadership Additional supports are headed our way! HRCE is receiving 54 new FTE positions to support students beginning in September 2019. This is in addition to the 51 FTE positions announced in 2018 in response to a report by the Comission on Inclusive Education. The following is a breakdown of the newest positions in our region: We’ll continue to explore these new positions in future reports. In a previous report, we featured a story about the role of the Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP). Currently, there are ten CYCPs working in HRCE schools. In September, there will be 19. How do CYCPs support students? Here’s a reminder: Did You Know? We’re GROWING! HRCE is projecting enrollment growth of 600 students for September 2019! We are also opening Pre-Primary in 23 new schools!