5 Guided Math at Upper Musquodoboit What is Guided Math? And how can it provide great learning opportunities for all students at all levels? At Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated School (UCMS), students in a combined Grades 4, 5 and 6 class are learning math in an innovative way. Principal Aaron Verge introduced the Guided Math concept two years ago to address achievement gaps among learners. Together, staff designed an instructional model that allows students to explore math in a number of stations, at their own pace. Most importantly, the model guarantees that every student receives direct interaction with their classroom teacher, every single day. The result? Find out in this video. Great things are happening at UMCS! Follow along on Twitter: @UMCS2016 “I love the way we do math. One-on-one time with my teacher helps me understand it more.” - Grade 6 Student, Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated School Teacher Learning: École Burton Ettinger Elementary What do we really know about our students after 3:00 p.m.? That’s the question staff at Burton Ettinger have been asking themselves this year as they continue to build on their culturally relevant professional learning. Teachers who were planning PD for the year came together to talk about how they could help the adults in the school more deeply understand their students and the attitudes, values, beliefs and lived experiences they bring to school each day. “The questions then became, what do students want us to know about them? We asked, and they told us. With permission, we captured their stories anonymously and are using it to guide our work. Thanks to our teacher Iain Thomas for producing this video. Most importantly, thanks to our students who told us their stories to help us better understand who they really are.” - Tracy Foster, Principal Improving Student Achievement Equitable Education Inclusive Education Instruction and Leadership