4 Make, Create & Innovate! You’ve likely heard the term ‘makerspace,’ but do you really know what it means? Imagine having a space in your school where you were encouraged to explore your interests, collaborate with others and essentially make, create and innovate. That’s the philosophy of a makerspace! There are makerspaces in schools and classrooms throughout HRCE. No two makerspaces are the same – some are heavy on technology, while others are full of craft supplies and building materials. Most makerspaces are a combination of the two. And every student creation is different! Earlier this month, HRCE and Brilliant Labs celebrated student work with a public Maker Faire at Prince Andrew High School. Students, staff and community members were invited to experience hands-on learning activities that are often found in a school makerspace. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from proud students about their creations: Summer Learning 2019 Are you a new or experienced teacher who is looking for professional learning opportunities? Registration for our Summer Professional Learning is now open! HRCE is offering a number of sessions this July and August. Sessions are free or charge and open to all Primary to Grade 12 English and French Immersion teachers. There are 40 sessions being offered on topics ranging from math, literacy, cultural competency, setting classroom expectations, effective learning environments, Google Apps, approaches for EAL learners, core French and much more! Registration closes August 12. View Summer Learning 2019 Booklet Register here Congratulations to Owen (above) who is a Grade 5 student at Waverley Memorial Elementary School! Owen was runner-up in the Brilliant Labs 2019 Scratch Competition! The video above begins with Owen explaining the game he created. Improving Student Achievement Equitable Education Inclusive Education Instruction and Leadership