8 School Advisory Council (SAC) Notes Thanks to all SAC members for a wonderful year! Thanks also to those who recently participated in regional meetings to discuss goals and strategies for HRCE’s new Regional Student Success Plan. Your work to improve student achievement and well-being in HRCE schools is greatly appreciated. As requested, SAC Chair GNSPES email addresses are now available. Reminder: SACs must complete an annual report before year end. Find the SAC Annual Report Template here. All important information for SAC members can be found here. Do you have a story to share? Something you’d like to know more about? connect@hrce.ca Media contact: kconnors@hrce.ca Congratulations to Sherry Robinson on 40 years of service to the HRCE! Sherry was one of many long-serving employees recognized at a recent Milestone celebration. Thanks to all of our long serving employees for years of dedication to students, staff families and communities! Recognition of Students & Staff Congratulations to Melanie Kennedy of Auburn Drive High School recently received a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence! Thanks for all you do to create safe and inclusive school environments for students. Learn about Ms. Kennedy’s creative approach to teaching and learning here. Special thanks to ALL of our staff who give #OutrageousLove to students each day!