b'SEPTEMBER 2019VOL. 1REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORTOur stories about improving student achievementeleroux @ hrce.ca @ Elwin_LeRouxInside:Whats Your Why?#HRCEStandsUpLeMarchant-St. Thomas OpensWho Do I Contact with Questions or Concerns?1. Start with your childs teacher2. Follow-up with the School PrincipalWelcome back!3. Call HRCE at 902.464.2000 and we On September 5, more than 52,000 students from Pre-Primary throughwill connect you to the right person*Grade 12 walked into HRCE schools and began a fresh new journey of learning.* An Administrative Supervisor is assigned to Special thanks to staff for going above and beyond to welcome HRCEeach school. Part of their role is to support students to their home away from home for the next ten months. Theresfamilies and work through challenges. noquestionthatcreatingwarm,welcomingandinclusivelearningView Parent/Guardian Concern Protocolenvironments sets the stage for student success and well-being. The2019-20schoolyearisgoingtobeanexcitingyearofwonder, exploration and discovery. Here we go! Wondering about important dates for the year? HRCEs 2019-20 School Calendar'