b'HalifaxRegional Centre for Educa\x0eon Regional Executive Directors ReportOur stories about improving student achievement & well-being eleroux@hrce.ca @Elwin_LeRouxwww.hrce.ca FALL 2020|VOL. 2Quick ContactsQuestions or concerns that are school-related? the first point of contact should always be your childs teacher if the question or concern is unresolved, contact your school principal if the question or concern is still unresolved, contact HRCE well put you in touch with the right person General QuestionsMany HRCE teachers took advantage of a new learning series this fall that encouraged902-464-2000 connect@hrce.castudents to use technology to deepen their understanding about their natural environment. School Grounds = Extended ClassroomsTransportation Questions902-431-4723SchoolyardsthroughoutHRCEbecameextendedclassroomsthisfall,ascreativetransportation@hrce.ca outdoor learning spaces popped up all over the region. But not all outdoor learning required a formal set up. Some of the most amazing discoveries happened by exploringParent Navigators the natural environment.902-219-0587Thats why HRCEs Technology Integration Lead Team (TILT) created a new learningssomers@hrce.ca series that focused on supporting student learning by combining classroom technology with the natural treasures found on the school grounds.902-229-1705lsearl@hrce.ca Todate,the#TILTLearningSerieshasencouragedteacherstotaketheirclasses outside to identify leaves, use tech tools to create talking pumpkins and to explore coding outdoors.With the leaves project, classes submitted their findings to a shared database for others to explore. Holiday Break ExtendedWhile students have fun, teachers are discovering new opportunities to integrateOn December 11, the Province announced existing technology tools into their curriculum. These open-ended tasks are intendedan extension to the break for public schools. to be adaptable by teachers for students in Grades Primary to 12.Last day of school: December 18, 2020Check out #TILTLearningSeries on Twitter to see examples of these nature-inspiredStaff returns to school: January 4, 2021technology challenges. More to come in the new year, including weather data collection!Students return to school: January 11, 20211'