b'HalifaxRegional Centre for Educa\x0eon Regional Executive Directors ReportMaintaining Connections with Families during COVID-19 Closures eleroux@hrce.ca @Elwin_LeRouxwww.hrce.ca APRIL 2020|VOL. 7Schools Remain Closed through May 22, 2020. HRCE is working remotely to support families. Connect anytime:902-464-2000 connect@hrce.ca Parent Navigators:Tressa Moore: 902-430-3621 mooret@hrce.ca Stephen Somers:902-219-0587ssomers@hrce.ca How can we support you? Our province experienced a horrific tragedy this month, in theAt-Home Learning plans are meant to provide opportunities for midst of an already difficult time. On behalf of the Halifax Regionallearning during this pandemic. They are not meant to replicate Centre for Education (HRCE), I offer my deepest condolences to allschool. If this is adding too much to an already full plate, please those impacted by this devastating and senseless act of violence. Inreach out to your childs teacher/principal. No child will be left a province as small as Nova Scotia, we are all connected. We are allbehind because of this extended closure due to COVID-19.The grieving this tremendous loss.well-being of your family should be your highest priority. Closures due to COVID-19 are restricting us from coming togetherIf you have time for nothing else, read. Encourage your child to read in person. Please know that HRCE remains with you during thesefor 20 minutes each dayno matter how old they areand then talk challenging and unprecedented times. We are working remotelyto them about what theyre reading. Reading together is an easy and are available to support your family by phone and/or email.way to build vocabulary, improve listening skills, spark curiosity and Connect with us anytime.most importantly, connect with your child.If you need support, please reach out. You are not alone.At this time, schools remain closed until at least May 22, 2020 (inclusive) on the direction of Chief Medical Officer of Health. We Youll find contact information on page 2.will keep you posted as soon as new information becomes available.I recognize the immense pressure that families are facing. Running aUntil then, please continue to follow public health protocols of household, parenting your children, working from home, potentialproper hand washing and social distancing. Why? Because, as one job loss, helping children with continued learningall while keepingofourmathteachersexplainsinthisvideoaboutexponential yourselfandyourfamilysafeisadelicateandunsustainablegrowth, our shared health depends on it.balancing act.Stay safe, stay home and be well.No matter how it feels right now, you are doing a great job. I enjoyed this light-hearted confirmation and share in case you havent seenElwin LeRouxSesame Streets Parent PSA. Regional Executive Director1'