b'HalifaxRegional Centre for Educa\x0eon Regional Executive Directors ReportLooking ahead to the summer & beyond! eleroux@hrce.ca @Elwin_LeRouxwww.hrce.ca MAY/JUNE 2020|VOL. 8School is scheduled to resume for students on September 8, 2020*.Thank You!902-464-2000 connect@hrce.ca*Please see HRCEs 2020/21 calenderHRCE is working remotely to support families. Connect anytime: Parent Navigator: 902-219-0587ssomers@hrce.ca Dear Families:The 2019-2020 school year is one for the history books! SeptemberThe underlying factor in determining the plans approach will be the began with Hurricane Dorian and ended in a global pandemic. Ingeneral health of Nova Scotians. As of now, the date scheduled for between, your kitchens became classrooms as our schools closed instudents to return to school is September 8, 2020.March to prevent the spread of COVID-19. What a learning journey its been (for all of us), and to you, I offer my heartfelt thanks.YoucananticipateanupdatefromusinearlyAugustand throughout the month as we prepare for opening. As always, if you Irecognizehowchallengingtheyearhasbeen,especiallyforhave questions, please reach out at connect@hrce.ca and we will families.Supportingyourchildslearningwhilebalancingworkput you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.andfamilyresponsibilities,allinthemidstofapandemicand great uncertainty, was a massive undertaking. Your resilience andTo the families of our graduating students: as you come to the end of willingness to adapt in these unprecedented times was incredible.your journey in our system, I thank you for your support over the Please know that whatever you were able to do was more than enough.past 13 years. I know this wasnt necessarily the senior year that Your familys well-being was, and remains, priority. Let me reassureyou and your child expected, but I do hope you found this years you that no child will be disadvantaged due to COVID-19 closures.graduation ceremonies to be meaningful and personal. Page 4 of I sincerely thank you for being our partners in learning, and I lookthis report is dedicated to our #HRCEClassOf2020.forward to continuing to build on this partnership. You are, and have always been, your childs first and most important teacher. To our returning families:takecareofyourselfandyourfamily this summer. Read together, play together and enjoy each others As the virtual school bell rings for the final time this year, I knowcompany.Anddontforget:twosummereditionsoftheNova you are wondering what September will look like. The DepartmentScotia At-Home Learning Packages will be available on July 6 and of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) is workingAugust 10. I hope well see you in person soon!with us, teachers, principals, educational leaders and unions on a reopening plan. This plan will include input from families, studentsWith deep appreciation,and School Advisory Councils. EECD is aiming to share the learning plan in late July, following approval by Public Health.Elwin LeRouxRegional Executive Director1'