b'Regional Executive Directors MessageWelcome to the 2020-21 School Year!Looking back over the past four weeks, I can saypandemic! Marine Drive Academy is a state of the with confidence that we have made history! art Pre-Primary to Grade 12 school. Click here for a video tour of the school. Inthemidstofaglobalpandemic,theHalifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) prepared andWealsoopenedanewelementaryschoolin opened 135 schools for more than 53,000 studentsBedford!RockyLakeElementary,intheBFEC after a six-month closure. That took an all hands on(Bedford Campus) site, is now home to Grades 5 and deck approach, but together, we did it! 6 students. To meet the principal and to see how the building has been transformed, click here. We are now one month into the school year. New routinesarebecominghabits.MaskwearingandWhats next? handsanitizingarethenorm.Morethanever, outdoor learning is happening across the system.Septemberwasallaboutbuildingrelationships As we continue to adapt to our current COVID-19with students and establishing new routines. Now, reality, Im confidentthat were all learning a valuablewearemovingforward!Septemberalsomarks lesson about resiliency in times of uncertainty. the full implementation of Nova Scotias Inclusive EducationPolicy.Schoolsareestablishingtheir I can say with certainty that we would not be in thisTeaching Support Teams, and families continue to place if it werent for the incredible collaborationplay an integral role on their childs student planning among staff members, their care and concern forteam. On our recent professional learning day, all ourstudentsandfamilies,andwithoutquestion,staff listened to experiences of current and former strict adherence to public health protocols. For all ofstudentstostrengthenourfocusonequitable this, I offer my gratitude.practice through anti-racist education in our region. Please keep following all public health guidelines.Likeeverything,learningalsolooksdifferentthis Continue to use the COVID-19 Daily Checklist beforeyear.But,withchallengeandchange,comes you and your children leave the house in the morning.opportunity. No field trips? No problem! Students At school, well reinforce proper hand washing, handaretakingvirtualtripstotheappleorchard,the sanitizing and cough/sneeze etiquette.Our sharedmuseumand even the moonfrom the comfort of health is our shared responsibility. We all play a role!their classrooms. Planning Ahead Given public health measures, we arent able to visit schools to capture stories of learning, but you can We know the best place for children and studentsfollow our learning journey on Twitter:@HRCE_NS.isintheclassroom.Atthistime,NovaScotias COVID-19ratesremainlow.Shouldthatchange,Finally, I sincerely thank all HRCE staff members we will be ready to adapt again, under the directionfor the consistent and thoughtful support to our and guidance of Public Health. The Provinces Backstudents and families. I am grateful.to School Planoutlinesscenariosforblendedand at-home learning. Currently, HRCEs Senior Team isHappy Thanksgiving,working on what that would look like in our region.If at any time we need to shift to a different model,Elwin LeRouxyou will hear from us directly. We remain committedRegional Executive Directortokeepingyouinformedaboutpublichealth guidelinesastheypertaintoschoolsthroughout the year. For the most up-to-date information, visit hrce.ca/backtoschool.Marine Drive Academy & Rocky Lake ElementaryCongratulationstoallthoseinvolvedinopening our brand new school in Sheet Harbour during a 2 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | SEPTEMBER 2020'