b'New Challenges = New Opportunities!Solving real-world problems during COVID-19Goingtoschoolduringapandemichaspresenteduswith challenges we never could have imagined. From the way we learn to the way we lunch, weve had to re-think the way we do just about everything during the run of a day. Herearetwochallengesthatourhighschoolsencountered: 1. How can you efficiently sanitize 1000+ pairs of hands several times a day using only wall-mounted pumps on either side of the lobby? 2. How do you prevent all those hands from touching the dispensers? Students at Sackville High and CP Allen took the opportunity to innovateandcreateimpressivesolutionsforthesechallenges (right). With every challenge, there is an opportunity. I wonder how other students will embrace the opportunities to create solutions for these real-world problems? Does your child/student have an innovative solution to a challenge presented by COVID-19? Share it with us. Wed love to showcasethose ideas in next months report!#ShoutOutsFromFamiliesThanks for sharing your thoughts. Were listening! September StatsEnrollment:Pre-Primary: 2,458Primary-6: 26,911Grades 7-9: 11,217Grades 10-12: 12,548Total (PP-12): 53,134Pre-Primary sites: 85Pre-Primary classrooms: 148New portable classrooms: 21Modular additions: 2 Students routed for busing by HRCEs new Transportation Team: 29,0004 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | SEPTEMBER 2020'