b'HalifaxRegional Centre for Educa\x0eon Regional Executive Directors ReportOur stories about improving student achievement & well-being eleroux@hrce.ca @Elwin_LeRouxwww.hrce.ca WINTER 2021|VOL. 3Quick ContactsQuestions or concerns that are school-related? the first point of contact should always be your childs teacher if the question or concern is unresolved, contact your school principal if the question or concern is still unresolved, contact HRCE well put you in touch with the right person General Questions902-464-2000 connect@hrce.ca Transportation Questions We Rise Together 902-431-4723StudentsofAfricandescentatSt.AgnesJuniorHighareteachingtheirpeerstransportation@hrce.ca aboutthemeaningbehindtheBlackLivesMattermovementthroughart! Parent NavigatorsThe collaborative project, facilitated by Charmaine Willis, the schoolsAfrican Nova 902-219-0587Scotian Student Support Worker, and visual arts teacher, Paul Carreiro, will remain onssomers@hrce.ca permanent display. The group also submitted part of the display (below) to this years Delmore Buddy Daye African Nova Scotian History Challenge. 902-229-1705lsearl@hrce.ca Throughdeepconversationandthecreationoftheirownprotestfists,students learnedmoreabouttheirhistory andtheir culture. Now, theyre sharing that knowledge2020-21 School Calendar with others. What did being part of this projectMarch 15-19: March Breakmean to students?(no classes)Find out in this video. March 24: Assessment & Evaluation (no classes for elementary & junior high) 1'