b'Regional Executive Directors MessageItshardtobelieve,but60percentofthe 2020-21 school year is now complete. How are your children doing? We started in September under great uncertainty. We made itRegistering for Schoolto mid-November before Public Health identified any cases of COVID-19 connected to HRCE schools. Those schools impactedDo you have a child who is eligible to start Pre-Primary or Grade by confirmed cases quickly shifted to learning at home when itPrimary this fall? Its time to register for school! We begin our was required. And now, were heading into March Break withregistration process in February so we can ensure schools are only one school closure since the holiday break. We are fortunateready for September. You can find everything you need to get to be in Nova Scotia. started here: hrce.ca/registration This success would not be our reality if it werent for the hardPlease note: Pre-Primary children are not required to re-register workandstrictadherencetopublichealthprotocolsbyourfor Primary. students, staff, families and community. Is it easy? Not always. Has it been worth it? Absolutely. We know the best place forNeed help with online registration? Our Parent Navigators are children is in school. Thank you for making that possible during aready to support you. Click here to view a short video and/or global pandemic. I cant stress it enough: our shared health is ourgive Missy or Stephen a call at 902-464-2000, extension 4361 shared responsibility.or 4362.Please remember to follow the COVID-19 Daily Checklist. If you know someone with children ready to start school, please pass this information along. Thank you for helping us spread the Haveyouconnectedwithyourchildsteacherrecently?Itisword! always a good time to check in on their learning and overall well-beingespecially in these strange and unprecedented times.I wish you a safe and relaxing March Break, and all the best in the Our schools and our regional staff are always ready to supportnext four months of the school year.you and your family.African Heritage MonthElwin LeRouxEvery February, we honour African Heritage Month. This year,Regional Executive Directorpublichealthrestrictionshavegivenustheopportunityto recreate and innovate the way we celebrate!Our schools have found all kinds of new ways to commemorate and educate. You dont need to look further than Twitter to see incredible teaching and learning about our rich and vibrant AfricanNovaScotianhistory.FromBlackExcellencehallway displays celebrating the schools own students to virtual visits withauthors,historiansandotherinspirationalAfricanNova Scotians, there is a definite and deliberate focus this year on our local stories, heroes and change-makers.The2021AfricanHeritageMonththemewasBlackHistory Matters: Listen, Learn, Share and Act. This theme calls on all of us to recognize the important legacy of people of African descentand to listen, learn, share and act to make our world a better place.Our schools are answering this call to action and I am excited to share examples of some of this awesome work. Please ask your children what theyre doing in school to honour African history. Its up to all of us to answer this call to listen, learn, share and act all year long.2 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | WINTER 2021'