b'Listening, Learning, Sharing & ActingExamples from schoolsThis year, school-based staff have been taking part in professional learning that is rooted in identifying and dismantling anti-Black racism. They have been examining their individual and collective practices as they relate to the inclusion of their Black learners. The purpose is to develop action steps to interrupt and disrupt racism. These steps look different in each school, and they will grow as this work continues over time.Schoolsaretakingstepstoshowtheyrelistening,learningand committed to acting. Here are more examples.Teachers at Halifax West High (HWHS) science department recently posted a giant Periodic Table of Black History in the schools science wing. The purpose is to highlight the amazing contributions of the people of African descent, globally and locally, with a strong science connection.ShaunaDosmanisanInternationalBaccalaureateBiologyand Science teacher at HWHS. In this video, she explains how teachers in her school are taking steps to acknowledge and validate students and disrupt racism.COVID-19Have you considered getting a test for COVID-19?Nova Scotias low case numbers are a result of our collective efforts. Lets not let our guard down, especially as we head into March Break. Public Health has been coaching all Nova Scotians to get tested, even without symptoms. This asymptomatic testing helps with early detection of the virus and strengthens Public Healths response in this pandemic. Rapid COVID-19 testing is available without an appointment at pop-up sites for those who are 16 and older and have no symptoms. You can also book an appointment for a standard test here.6 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | WINTER 2021'