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Superintendents Report to the Halifax Regional School Board 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000Join the conversation on Twitter Elwin_LeRoux HRSB_Official Providing high quality education for every student every day. How are we nurturing the learning spirit in every student every day When we opened our schools in September 48000 students walked through our doors. Each of those students came to us with different lived experiences different cultural backgrounds different interests and different styles of learning. Our responsibility as teachers administrators and support staff is to find ways to nurture those learning spirits and provide high quality education for every student every day. Last months report demonstrated ways in which teachers organized their physical environments to enhance student learning. It also outlined ways in which they were getting to know their learners in order to gain a deeper understanding of how to provide the best possible support. This months report will shed light on how we are working to ensure that every student is learning in a way that best suits his or her needs. The stories featured will highlight some of the amazing ways staff are providing authentic and meaningful learning opportunities for students inside and outside of the traditional classroom. October is Mikmaq History Month in Nova Scotia and I am especially excited to introduce you to some of our MikmaqAboriginal Student Support Workers under Goal 3 in this report. Theresa Meuse and Chenise Hach are two of seven Mikmaq Aboriginal Student Support Workers in our junior high and high schools. Their role is critical they provide support in various ways to students who self- identify as having Aboriginal Ancestry. You will hear from students about what it means to have their culture represented in their daily school lives through this program. I also look forward to giving you a video tour of the Bedford Forsyth Education Centres BFEC which can be found under Goal 2. BFEC is an alternative to the traditional high school in the HRSB. Students who benefit from smaller class sizes and more one-on-one interactions with teachers are more likely to find academic success at BFEC. Its a special place that helps students build skills for life. It has been a tremendously busy start to the school year but students are now deep into their learning. At the board we are also supporting this learning every day as we roll out new and exciting changes rooted in the provinces Action Plan. In Goal 1 of this report you will see an example of how a Grade 12 teacher is implementing the streamlined P-3 curriculum in her classroom by having more time to learn in language arts and mathematics while at the continued page 2 Important Dates November 11 Remembrance Day no classes November 13 End of First Term for Elementary Junior High Assessment Evaluation Day no classes November 16-19 Report Cards Go Home P-12 November 23 Bus Cluster 2 PD Day November 24 Bus Cluster 3 PD Day November 25 Bus Cluster 1 PD Day November 26 am PD Day pm ParentTeacher Interviews no classes October 2015 same time integrating science social studies and health into these foundational curriculum areas. We know we have work to do but our priorities keep us on track. We remain committed to improving the academic achievement results of our Mikmaq Aboriginal and African Nova Scotian learners. We also remain committed to building on the strengths of every school and school community by providing supports in math and literacy when and where they are needed. We will also continue to draw on the expertise and wisdom of our communities so that we are ensuring that we know our students and the supports they need to find their own personal and academic success. According to Dr. Marie Battiste a Mikmaw educator from Potlotek First Nations NS and Professor of Education at the University of Saskatchewan to nurture and nourish the learning spirit every educator must commit to learn new ways of knowing valuing others accepting diversity and making equity and inclusion foundations for all learners. Elwin LeRoux October 2015 How Are We Nurturing the Learning Spirt continued Goal 1 To improve student achievement P-3 Learning Comes Alive Through New Streamlined Curriculum As part of the Ministers Action Plan every Grade Primary to 3 teacher is implementing a streamlined coordinated and innovative curriculum. The curriculum is set by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development EECD but the way in which it is delivered looks unique to each class based on the strengths lived experiences backgrounds and interests of students. Katie Foley teaches a combined Grade 12 class at St. Margarets Bay Elementary School. Here is her perspective on how she makes learning come alive for her students by setting an inclusive climate for learning. I never teach my pupils I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einstein 2 Feeling grateful Want to give thanks publicly to someone in the HRSB who has made a difference Tweet about it using the hashtag ThanksPassItOn Bookmobile Participants Making Great Strides in Reading An Update from SJAM 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 Goal 2 To strengthen safe and inclusive school environments 3 Bedford Forsyth Education Centres Building Skills for Life The high school years can be challenging for students even during the best of times. For those who may be experiencing difficulties in other aspects of life just getting to school can feel impossible let alone graduating from school. Sometimes the environment in which students are set up to learn can make all the difference to their academic success. For some the traditional high school setting is not the right learning environment. Thats why the Halifax Regional School Board offers an alternative to students over the age of 16 who are looking to complete their high school diploma. Its up to us to provide safe and inclusive school environments where every student can get a high quality education every day. Bedford Forsyth Education Centres BFEC is a two campus high school that offers the Nova Scotia Public School Program in a smaller more intimate setting. Combined there are 25 staff members supporting 215 students who are learning in a time and space that works better for them for a variety of different reasons. Learn more in this video about BFEC its staff and the students who have made the choice to be there. What impact did the weekly reading have on students who took part Ms. King and Ms. Kenny have some wonderful news to share about reading levels after having administered the Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement to Grade 1 students. Watch this video to find out more and to hear from parents and students about what the bookmobile meant to them Last month St. Josephs-Alexander McKay Elementary School teachers Laura King and Stephanie Kenny shared their story about starting a summer bookmobile out of the trunks of their cars. Each Wednesday night they would set up blankets and bins of books in front of the Caring and Learning Centre in Mulgrave Park and invite the community to come and read with them. Goal 3 To achieve equitable learning opportunities for all students We know that when students have a strong cultural identity that translates into increased academic achievement. Through our MikmaqAboriginal Student Support Worker program HRSB students have the opportunity to learn and be supported culturally during their school day. Here are two examples of what this means to students who self-identify as having Aboriginal Ancestry. 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 4 It is time to make a genuine effort in understanding the deep-rootedness of Aboriginal knowledge language and culture as a powerful and sacred bond with the land community and people. - Dr. Marie Battiste Connecting with Culture At Citadel High School MikmaqAboriginal Student Support Worker Chenise Hach is helping students feel more connected to their identity as Mikmaw people through informal language instruction traditional beading assistance with scholarship applications - and by simply being a familiar face. Exploring Mother Earths Classroom When students feel a meaningful connection to what they are learning they are more likely to be engaged in school. In Lower Sackville MikmaqAboriginal Student Support Worker Theresa Meuse helps students in three Sackville schools make strong connections to their culture through hands-on learning experiences. This is the story of how a group of Leslie Thomas Junior High School students spent the day exploring their Aboriginal roots in an outdoor classroom. 5 The Ministers Action Plan outlines how community and industry partners are integral in expanding students awareness of the wide-range of career and post- secondary options available in Nova Scotia. This was evident when more than 1400 students and 90 community and industry partners came together on October 22 for the HRSB Career Fair. Grade 12 students Meagan Brown from C.P. Allen and Levi Marshall from Sackville High created this video as a message of thanks to HRSBs partners for the important role they play in student learning and career planning. Meagan is currently completing her co-op placement with HRSBs Communications Department. To learn more about the community partners who supported the HRSB Career Fair see the events program. SeeWhatImLearning HRSB joined Twitter in October 2009. Since then the way we use Twitter has changed significantly. When we first started tweeting we shared stories on behalf of schools. Now 115 of our 136 schools are sharing their own stories under their own accounts which you can find here. Many HRSB departments also have Twitter handles that you can find here. Schools have been doing an amazing job of sharing their great news and events. HRSB_Official has been spending more time as an online facilitator encouraging schools students and teachers to share stories photos and video about what and how theyre learning with the public using the hashtag SeeWhatImLearning. This is a way to help the community understand how we are providing a high quality education to every student every day. For a glimpse into HRSB classrooms check out SeeWhatImLearning For those who have students in the French ImmersionCore French program FLSLangueVivante will give you a window into what is being learned in a second language classroom. Learning in French is not only discovering a language but an entire culture a living language Allons-y Other searchable hashtags MathIsAwesome HRSBpd ThanksHRSBTeachers ThanksPassItOn Building Partnerships in Learning Goal 4 To build engagement support and confidence in HRSB 6 HRSBs Lights Off. Green On Energy Efficiency Campaign has been recognized by Efficiency Nova Scotia with a Bright Business Award Tyler Bell HRSBs Energy Manager accepted the award on October 20 in Halifax. HRSB received the Bright Business Community Award which recognizes a community non- profit organization or groups outstanding energy efficiency campaign or project with a focus on community engagement and culture change. Watch this video to learn more about the campaign. HRSB is in year three of the four year retrofit project that will see 90 schools in the board receive energy efficient upgrades. To date there are 71 energy upgrade projects underway or completed. Of the 71 there are 23 projects where all measures are substantially complete. The remaining schools are expected to have their projects completed by the end of the 2015-16 fiscal year. The total expenditure for the work planned in 2015-16 is 8.5M including Efficiency Nova Scotia incentives. It is anticipated that HRSB will save approximately 745000 in utility expenses annually based on 2009 rates due to the work completed this year under the project. The total annual utility savings at the completion of three years is anticipated to be in excess of 2M. Summary of Energy Upgrade Work completed in the first two quarters of the 2015-16 fiscal year Lighting Retrofits 56 completed 14 started New Building Automation Systems 42 completed 21 started Natural Gas Boiler Conversions 14 completed 9 started Water Conservation Packages 23 completed 10 started Building Envelope Sealing 29 completed 14 started Smart Meters 29 completed 28 started 14 in design FACES OF HRSB Jean Brown Wins Library Award Superintendents Awards of Excellence 2015 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 Congratulations to recipients of this years Superintendents Awards of Excellence Photo L-R Melinda Daye Board Chair Marilyn Maxner Central Spryfield Marie Fagan Operations Services Brenda Cormier Atlantic View Deborah Beck Financial Services and Elwin LeRoux Superintendent. 7 Congratulations to Jean Brown Library Support Specialist who won the Emile Theriault Award at the Nova Scotia Library Association Awards Ceremony on September 25 at the Halifax Central Library. The Emile Theriault Library and Information Technology Award recognizes the efforts of a library support staff member who has made a major contribution to their library community. Bravo Jean HRSB Students Win School Bus Safety Video Contest Jasmine Metzler and Taylor MacDonald of Sackville Heights Junior High School and Mara Grant of Sir John A. Macdonald School are winners of the 2015 NSSBA and Safety Nova Scotia School Bus Safety Campaign Video Contest Winning entries received 500. Congratulations Watch the videos here. 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 8 Celebrating Mikmaq History Month Did you know Nourish Your Roots is a new healthy fundraising program that connects children and families to the healthy local and sustainable food choices available from Nova Scotia farmers. Two HRSB schools Oldfield Elementary and Elizabeth Sutherland School participated in the pilot program. To learn more watch this CTV story. Programming for Success