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33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 4 Transgender Awareness Highland Park Junior Highs HPJH GSA is an enthusiastic group of students who meet weekly at lunch. The GSA encourages everyone to see others as peoplenotlabels fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment within the school community. The group has made some amazing strides this fall. Not only has this enthusiastic group of students worked to designate an all gender or an everyone washroom in the school theyve also become mentors to other GSAs in the community. The HPJH GSA has also been recognized by the Youth Project for work promoting acceptance of transgender people within the school and in the greater community. Last week the groups name was added to the Youth Projects Transgender Supporters Mosaic. In addition members of the GSA also found out they were recipients of a Nova Scotia Human Rights Award for 2015 This is the first student group to be recognized for advocacy and support for the LGBTQ community. The ceremony will take place on December 10 at Government House. To learn more about the Highland Park Junior High GSA watch this short video created by students. Goal 2 To strengthen safe and inclusive school environments Assistive Technology Every student comes to us with different strengths and challenges. Its up to us to find ways to ensure that we are providing a high quality education for every one of those students every single day. Assistive technology is one of the tools that our Student Services team uses to provide the right learning opportunities for students with special needs. Discovering what it might look like takes innovation and collaboration with a students family his or her health teams and our partners. Heres an example of an innovative use of technology that is allowing Tonia a Grade 2 student at George Bissett Elementary School to engage in the curriculum and interact with her peers in ways she couldnt otherwise.