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Goal 4 To build engagement support and confidence in HRSB 6 As our work on the Lights off. Green on project continues we continue to realize incredible energy savings in our schools. Last summer lighting was upgraded at Ellenvale Junior High. This upgrade resulted in an electrical demand reduction of 37 which saves approximately 1000 per month. Note the graph depicts a significant drop in consumption during the summer. This is because the Air Handling Unit for the gym was undergoing a heating coil upgrade and the unit was off during this time. At Chebucto Heights Elementary there has been a drop of energy consumption by 22 during peak demand as a result of a lighting upgrade. This drop is saving approximately 2400 a year Innovation distinguishes between a leader a follower. - Steve Jobs It is expected that all of the work for this fiscal year will begin by December 31 2015. To date of the 71 schools expected to be completed by the end of this fiscal year we have completed 56 of 70 Building lighting upgrades 14 of 22 Boiler upgrades 40 of 64 Building Automation System Upgrades 43 of 71 Energy Dashboards 23 of 33 Water reduction projects