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33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth N.S. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 8 Other searchable hashtags SeeWhatImLearning HRSBpd ThanksPassItOn MathIsAwesome ThanksHRSBTeachers Special thanks to Engineers NS for co-hosting an event with HRSB on November 20 at Central Office. The event brought together 2 female students from each HRSB junior high and high school for a breakfast with professional engineers. The purpose was to introduce female students to engineering through informal discussion and fun activities like Ship the Chip where students had to engineer a contraption that would keep a potato chip from breaking in the mail With Thanks HRSBRemembers Many HRSB schools shared Remembrance Day ser- vices artwork and poetry on Twitter using the hashtag HRSBRemembers.