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Elwin_LeRoux HRSB_Official 2015 Superintendents To the Halifax Regional School Board Providing a high quality education for every student every day Assessment Evaluation Day No classes grade 12 Assessment Evaluation Day No classes P-12 Last Day of School 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 View the HRSB calendar online June 26 2015 June 29 2015 June 30 2015 Important Dates How does Community Based Learning help us provide a high quality education for every student every day By bringing student learning into the community and the community into studentslearning. We know that meaningful learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. We also know that our community is rich with opportunity. From class trips to job shadowing to guest speakers to work placements to service learning Community Based Learning CBL is about helping students explore and make connections to the world around them by engaging with their communities in many different ways. Every day students from Grade Primary to 12 are engaged in some form of CBL. Its the exciting stuff the experiences that connect learning to real life Take a quick tour of our Twitter feed HRSB_Official to see daily examples in real time. Click here to view a few of my recent favourites. Engaging with the community to learn gives students time to explore their passions interests and strengths. Equally as important students are able to discover the things they dont want to pursue without risk. According to a Statistics Canada study among 25-year-olds who were asked about their career expectations on a regular basis from the age of 15 few followed the same path as they had planned. Almost 10 of 25-year-olds kept the same career expectations that they held at age 15 while 6.9 held the same career expectations that they had at age 17. Imagine how CBL experiences might have benefitted these youth in making decisions about their futures The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development EECD recognizes the value in engaging students in authentic learning opportunities that not only help them discover their interests now but will help them link their classroom learning to the community and beyond. In Nova Scotias Action Plan for Education 2015 we see that development of individual career plans must be a priority for all high school students. The plan states that we must continue to offer and expand on workplace training for our graduating students and support them with opportunities to help them develop their skills as they plan for their future. We also see an emphasis on expanding CBL not only for high school but also at the elementary and junior high school levels. When given opportunities to explore a wide range of real world experiences in school students can build a foundation for successful transitions to their roles as adults in the community and the workforce. Career development and exploration begins at the elementary level as students take those first steps into the community with field trips guest speakers and simulations. Our youngest students are able to get a glimpse into a multitude of careers from a very early age through a wide-range of curriculum activities. Many junior high schools are engaged with Junior Achievement Nova Scotia which brings programs such as Economics for Success and Dollars with Sense to classrooms. Members of the local business community deliver the programs with the goal of empowering students to make smart lifelong financial choices. They also teach students the importance of education and its link to future success with goal setting exercises and career reflection. Students at Graham Creighton Junior High have had the opportunity to partake in the Discovering Opportunities DO pilot program at their school. Through DO students experience a stronger understanding of curriculum through project-based learning and connecting to the community. Adding more Discovering Opportunities programs to familiarize Grade 9 students with modern careers is also a priority in Nova Scotias Action Plan. As students move to the high school level courses such as Co-operative Education or programs such as Options and Opportunities O2 can give them that reality check by placing them for extended periods of time directly with a community host to learn what that career is like first-hand. continued on page 2 Lets talk about... Community Based Learning Navy Co-op students visit Small Boat Operations.