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I valued every experience my eyes are now open to so many more options that I didnt know about. - Student We are privileged to have such a caring community that wants to make a difference in the lives of our students. - Teacher Even if the student has an interest in a field Co-op provides an opportunity to go and check it out just in case. - Parent I was mentored as a student. I had no idea how fulfilling an experience it would be to BE the mentor and to give back. I feel I am a better manager and employee as a result of that experience. Partner Because of the field trips workshops and my placements I learned how to develop steps to achieve my goals. - Student Lights off. Green on Energy Project Update Voices Energy upgrade work to Halifax West High School is saving the HRSB more than 150000 a year Yes you read that right. Even with a very cold winter compared to a normal year the savings were tremendous following upgrades to building automation systems and replacing light fixtures with LED fixtures. This graph is a direct comparison between last fiscal year and this fiscal year. The savings worked out to 197709 last year before taxes. While Halifax West did experience some difficulties with the heat pumps for some of the spaces in the school it would not account for this level of reduced expendi- ture. The schools heat pumps will be replaced this fiscal year which will further improve the operability reliability and efficiency of the schools heating system. In addition to the savings HRSB received an incentive from Efficiency Nova Scotia of 140000 for the work that was completed at Halifax West alone. Amazing results 5