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Find this report on the Superintendents page on Faces of HRSB ThanksPassItOn A Message to Staff We love to hear from you Follow us at HRSB_Official As we move into the last few weeks of the 2014-15 school year I want to sincerely thank our staff the people who work tirelessly to provide a high quality education for every student every day. I launched a Twitter campaign with this video asking people to tweet messages of thanks using the hashtag ThanksPassItOn. The response has been positively overwhelming You can view these messages by searching ThanksPassItOn in the Twitter search engine or by looking on the Twitter feed on the left hand side of the HRSB website. Please take a moment to read them and dont forget to add to this narrative of gratitude by sharing your thanks Thirty Grade 11 students received medals from His Honour Brigadier- General The Honourable J.J. Grant CMM ONS CD Retd Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia on May 20. Long-serving HRSB employees 25 30 35 40 years were recognized at the Milestones Awards Ceremony on April 23. Fiona Ewart Grade 8 Gorsebrook Xinyi Kate He Grade 9 Park West and James Davy Grade 9 Gorsebrook each won a bronze medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair in May.Members of HRSBs Team of Doers were recognized on May 19 by the Workers Compensation Board for their work to create a culture of workplace safety. 6