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To maximize exemplary teaching practices to support high quality instruction. Toachieveequitablelearningopportunitiesforallstudents. When students speak other students listen. Thats why the Youth Advisory Council at Sack- ville High which is supported by SchoolsPlus and the schools Youth Health Centre recently researched and created an informational video around anxiety. This was a student-led project that was responding to studentsinterest in learning more about this topic. The students who created the video presented it in class- rooms throughout the school. The video was extremely well received because it was students teaching students. Madeline Mitchell Levi Marshall are members of the Youth Advisory Council. They are two of the many members of the group who contributed to and created the video. The video was widely shared on social media by students staff SchoolsPlus the IWK the RCMP Com- munity Health teams mental health clinicians across the province as well as Dr. Stan Kutcher who is the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health. SchoolsPlus and the Youth Health Centre is a partnership that exists to encourage and amplify student voice. Hear from Lisa Messervey and Maya Williams about their role in supporting youth at Sackville High Inside every HRSB high school there is a Youth Health Centre. To learn more about their role in schools watch this video about the Lockview Youth Health Centre. 3 How do you keep junior high students with various learning styles engaged in a six-week project that encompasses all course outcomes You connect the topic to studentslives beyond school and give them the freedom to learn in the way that best suits them on really cool computers. Lorna Bennett is an English teacher at Park West School. This spring she introduced a six-week online magazine project focused on digital citizenship for her Grade 9 students. Ms. Bennett gave students the freedom to explore topics that were meaningful to their lives and allowed them to express their learning in a way that matters to them. In Ms. Bennetts class there are a number of new- comers to Canada. She co-teaches with English as an Additional Language EAL teachers and uses a variety of techniques to assist with dual language instruction. To make sure that every student is able to express themselves in the way thats best for them Ms. Bennett embraces many ways of showing and knowing their learning. The six-week magazine project incorporates all course outcomes while focusing on student engage- ment and ensuring quality instruction and assessment for every student. To learn more watch this video.