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Find this report on the Superintendents page on www.hrsb.ca4 To build engagement support and confidence in HRSB. Our journey of shifting HRSBs culture towards greater participation and engagement has begun Three weeks following the training around public engagement with Tim Merry Ron Heiman Director of Operations and Pam Nicholson-Comeau School Administration Supervisor held a public engagement session for the Beaver Bank Kinsac BBK Elementary School community. The question was around how to memorialize a building on the BBK property affectionately known asthe Bungalow. The Bungalow must be torn down due to deterioration and repair costs beyond HRSBs ability to fund. The Bungalow is an old schoolhouse building that became home to the schools breakfast program for many years. It is not required to run public school programming. However the building holds many fond memories for the community. HRSB the schools principal and the School Advisory Com- mittee held a public meeting to discuss ways to memorialize the Bungalow. Attendees were given the opportunity to talk about the space and share their thoughts and ideas. This meeting was organized and run very differently than it would have had it been held prior to the public engagement training. The community was given a voice and that voice was heard by decision makers. The ideas will be considered when the deci- sion around memorialization of the Bungalow is made. Kevin Copely a community member who attended the meeting sent the following email to the schools principal Shelly Smith What an exceptional meeting hosted by HRSB last night While it was disappointingly under-attended no fault of HRSB you Ron the SAC and HRSB staff hosted an incredibly informative and engaging meeting and I think the community is fortunate to have an organization that is as open and transparent as HRSB. I hope we on the Beaver Bank Community Awareness Association can continue to bring messaging to the community on the next steps of the project and help to ensure the demolition goes safely and smoothly. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out to our community To see a short video of a community member sharing her ideas at the public meeting click here. There will be more public engagement opportuni- ties in the future. We know that there is wisdom in the community we serve. We look forward to hearing your voice The Bungalow at BBK. Participants met in small groups to discuss and share ideas about how to memorialize the Bungalow and recorded their ideas using posters like this.