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Congratulations Team Gorsebrook Lights off. Green on Energy Project Update 5 Congratulations to Gorsebrook Junior High School winners of the Lights Off. Green On Energy Dashboard Competition Twenty-five HRSB schools with energy dashboards recently participated in a challenge to reduce their schools electricity consumption as much as possible between May 19 and June 8 2015. Over the course of the three week competition the 25 schools reduced their electricity consumption by a combined total of 53250 kWh which equates to almost 6000 of savings over the previous three weeks leading up to the contest. Gorsebrook Junior High ended up with the largest overall decrease over the period of the contest with a 35 decrease How did students and staff reduce their electricity consumption Turning off classroom lights and using natural light from windows. Turning off staff room lights when empty and unplugging the appliances when not being used. The elevator was used less frequently and more stair use was encouraged. Computers were intentionally turned off instead of waiting for the automated shutdown at 6 p.m. Computer monitors were intentionally shut down instead of letting them go into sleep mode. Millwood Elementary came in 2nd with an overall decrease of 26. Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Junior Elementary finished 3rd with an overall 24 decrease. Prince Andrew High and Graham Creighton finished the competition with impressive final weeks with decreases of 24 and 23 respectively in week 3 and receive an honourable mention. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Energy Dashboard Competition