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coordinated and innovative curriculum for Grades primary to 3. We are also implementing a new Ministerial Code of Conduct and a new Homework Policy. In addition we are administering the Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement to all students as they start Grade 1. Heres what hasnt changed at the Halifax Regional School Board our priorities We are committed to improving the academic achievement results of our African Nova Scotian and Mikmaq learners. These priorities will continue to guide our work and our decision-making as a Board. We are also committed to providing more differentiated support to our priority schools. Just like every students needs are different every schools needs are different. We are committed to recognizing the strengths of each community and targeting supports as needed. I look forward to sharing our progress as we go forward. I wish everyone an awesome 2015-16 school year I am confident that this will be our best year yet Elwin LeRoux September 2015 Are We Ready For Them continued Goal 1 To improve student achievement Nurturing literacy skills during the summer break comes easily for many students. Others may not open a book again until September. Imagine waking up one morning with an idea to help students enjoy and practice reading in the summer Two teachers at St. Josephs-Alexander McKay did just that. Laura King and Stephanie Kenny are both Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Teachers. Laura teaches in English and Stephanie teaches in French. Together they organized a mobile library out of the trunks of their cars to keep students interested in reading over the summer months. Each Wednesday between 500 and 600 p.m. rain or shine they would set up outside the Caring and Learning Centre on Jarvis Lane in Mulgrave Park. They welcomed the entire school community to come and read with them. In the beginning a handful of students turned up for the event. By the end of the summer entire families were taking part Students have only been back to class for a few weeks but Laura and Stephanie are already seeing the strides their students have made in reading. They will really see the impact when they administer the Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement to Grade 1 students in the coming weeks. Laura and Stephanie are building on the success of this years bookmobile and already starting to plan for next year Watch this video to learn more. When a flower doesnt bloom you fix the environment in which it grows not the flower. - Alexander Den Heijer 2