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We know that for students to learn it is our responsibility as educators to create environments that are reflective engaging and conducive to learning for all students every day. That means something quite different for every school every classroom every teacher and every student. In order to provide the best possible education for every student we know that it is critical To establish safe and inclusive learning environments spaces where all students are free to learn and explore in the ways that best suit them and To know your learners academically socially emotionally and culturally. Environments for Learning Classrooms look much different today than they did when the parentsguardians of our current students were in school. They are set up with the student in mind. Bicentennial is a Primary to Grade 9 school. In this video Principal Ivan Skeete describes how classrooms are deliberately designed to be culturally relevant and responsive to all students learning styles. 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 Goal 2 To strengthen safe and inclusive school environments Environments for Learning In preparation for this year we asked all administrators to look at their schools physical space and lead conversations with staff using the following questions Is the classroom arranged in a way to promote large group small group and individual instruction and assessment Are student seats arranged in a way to promote conversations and collaboration Is the classroom arranged in a way that students can learn in a variety of physical spaces or while moving Are a variety of materials easily accessible to students Are classrooms visuals supportive of instruction Are they teacherstudent generated vs. store bought Is there a plan in place to teach and reinforce procedures and routines to support student learning and development throughout the first few weeks of school 3