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Goal 2 continued 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 Knowing Your Learners In order for teachers to provide a high quality education for every student every day knowing their learners is key. Teachers use a variety of strategies in the early days of the year to gather information about who their students are both inside and outside of school. Gathering information from parentsguardians and the students themselves helps teachers connect with families and build important relationships. It also allows for teachers to build an understanding of their students interests prior knowledge and experiences. All of these things can then be incorporated into meaningful learning activities so that students will feel engaged. At Sackville Heights Junior High School staff use a variety of ways to get to know their students. Watch this video to see some examples. Knowing Your Learners Is there a strategy in place in the early days of the school year to gather information from parents guardians to learn about their child both inside and outside of school Is there a strategyplan in place in the early days of the school year for teachers to take the time to build relationships with their students and collect information about their learning styles interests and activities both inside and outside of school Is there a strategy in place to use this information to gather resources modify the learning environment and plan lessons learning experiences with those interests in mind Staff at St. Josephs-Alexander McKay took a bus tour of the north end Halifax school community as a means of getting to know and understand their learners. Principal Natalie Hagarty is new to the school this year and felt it was critical to meet members of the community in their community and ask how to best support their children. Watch this video to find out what they learned. Did you know We have added approximately 95 new teachers to the HRSB payroll this September. This includes new sub teachers and term teachers who have not held sub or term positions before. Welcome 4