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Goal 3 To achieve equitable learning opportunities for all students As part of our opening for administrators and other leaders within our system Dr. Kimberly McLeod provided a full-day of professional learning called A Cultural Growth Model for Leaders. This professional development built upon the training we began around culturally relevant pedagogy this past winter where she helped to deepen our understanding of the meaning of culture and its importance in our education system. The purpose of Dr. McLeods visit in August was to help school administrators coaches and other system leaders gain an understanding of how teachers belief systems impacts student learning. In her presentation Dr. McLeod pushed the people in the room to ask one other who are you repeatedly until they gave answers that were beyond the typical mother father teacher principal husband wife sister brother etc. responses. When pushed people responded with descriptions of their personal beliefs and value systems. Dr. McLeod then connected how those beliefs and value systems impact the students we interact with every day and what we can do as leaders to ensure theyre not impeding with a students ability to learn. Demonstrating her key points through audience activity and participation Dr. McLeod raised a variety of topics for discussion. She spoke about the importance of not teaching with your head in the sand and how we must see and recognize our differences. She led discussion around how unconscious biases can perpetuate or even cause harm. We have to realize and understand the impact our actions and attitudes can have on our students. Dr. McLeod also focused on why building relationships with students is key to their success and how it is critical to teach to and through relationships. With the intent to have HRSB leaders think about ways to deeply shift an organization to reflect the needs and provide supports to all learners Dr. McLeod challenged those in the room to ask questions so immense that people cant answer them based on their current knowledge or where they currently stand. This question forces an organization to learn. Those who attended Dr. McLeods presentation are now putting what they learned into practice. We will continue to work with Dr. McLeod when she returns to offer professional learning for 3 days on the November bus cluster days. To see more Tweets from HRSB staff during Dr. Kim McLeods presentation check out CulturalWakeUp and HRSBpd on Twitter. 5