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One of the ways in which we seek to build engagement support and confidence in the HRSB is to achieve greater efficiency in the operation of our facility plant operations. Our Lights Off. Green On energy savings project is in its third year and continues to demonstrate dramatic reductions in energy use and the associated costs. In year 2 Bicentennial Harbour View Ian Forsyth and Sir Charles Tupper schools received plumbing upgrades. Toilets faucet aerators and urinal flush valves if present were replaced with new more efficient low-flow fixtures. In addition urinal flush tank controllers were added. Traditionally urinal tanks operate by constantly filling an elevated tank and once that tank is full it flushes. This process repeats 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. With controllers the tanks only flush based on an occupancy sensor. Of all the plumbing upgrades these controllers save the greatest amount of water. Ian Forsyth was using an average of 25000 litres of water per day which is the equivalent of 250 bathtubs After the retrofit the school is now using 2500 litres per day which works out to be about 25 bathtubs Ian Forsyth alone will be saving 8.2 Million litres or 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools per year which represents an annual savings of about 18000. The combined savings of these 4 schools is approximately 21 million litres which is almost the equivalent of 8.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. To date we have completed work at 57 schools. This year we will be replacing 8 boiler plants as well as lighting and automated building control work in 14 additional schools. Goal 4 To build engagement support and confidence in HRSB Bicentennial Harbour View Ian Forsyth Sir Charles Tupper Percent Reduction 97 84 90 86 Approx. Annual Savings 12000 21500 18000 4500 6