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Superintendents Report to the Halifax Regional School Board 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000Join the conversation on Twitter Elwin_LeRoux HRSB_OfficialJoin the conversation on Twitter Providing high quality education for every student every day. How are we working toward creating a system where each learner finds success Two years ago I committed to making the academic achievement of African Nova Scotian and First Nations learners the top priority in the Halifax Regional School Board. After thoroughly examining achievement data across the system it became clear that we had to shift the way we were teaching so that each student is receiving a high quality education every day and so that each student could find success in school. We have been working toward building an understanding of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy CRP throughout our system. CRP is the strategy we are using to achieve our priorities. Teachers and administrators are learning to see and value the knowledge and experiences of our students as strengths strengths that can be reflected in the way we teach. As a system we are gaining an understanding of how to create learning experiences that are authentic and relevant to students every day lives. Currently HRSBs Diversity Team is providing professional development for teachers and school administrators across our system in the implementation of CRP. For CRP to affect each student its critical that all central office staff who support schools have an understanding of CRP. Math and literacy leaders coaches and support teachers school administration supervisors and human resources mangers have already received this PD. At the end of April the team will deliver professional learning to all 136 HRSB principals. Under Goal 3 of this report HRSB teachers who are using culturally responsive practices share their thoughts on why there is no better way to educate students. As we continue on our journey to create a system where each learner finds success we face challenges. Recent assessment results for junior high did not suggest that students of African descent are meeting with success in math and literacy. The week these results were made public we held a professional development session for junior high principals that examined strategies to help set students up for success in advance of the upcoming provincial assessments. These are the types of interventions we use as challenges arise. You can learn more about this type of professional learning under Goal 1. As part of Goal 4 changes to our Getting to Great Survey are outlined. Questions have been added to address how school-based staff members no matter their job description play an important role in setting a positive and nurturing environment for students. More participation from a broader range of people gives us a more accurate picture of whats happening in our schools and how we can do better. All of these changes are building towards meaningful change that is reflected in student achievement Important Dates May 13 PD Day P-12 no classes May 23 Victoria Day no classes April 2016 results especially for African Nova Scotian and First Nations learners. Are we there yet We are certainly moving in the right direction. Change takes time. Innovation is messy. Engagement of teachers and students is key. When the day comes that each student in our system is finding success at school well then ask ourselves how we can make their experiences even more meaningful. Until then we will continue doing whatever it takes to create a system that embraces the differences and life experiences of each child and provides an education that builds upon their strengths. Elwin LeRoux April 2016