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How can a restorative approach transform a school and its community We asked students teachers and the principal at John Martin Junior High that question. Their response in this video is tremendously powerful. Since February Safe Schools Consultant Kendra Lindala and School Administration Supervisor Richard Derible have been providing professional development PD to five junior high schools across HRSB. More than 110 teachers have taken part in full-day PD around building relationships and understanding a restorative approach RA in a school setting. Ongoing support and learning will continue at each of the five schools. Overall these schools are excited and interested in building the model into their community. Schools view this as an approach to strengthen safe and inclusive school environments between students staff community and the curriculum. The new provincial School Code of Conduct supports a model of prevention and intervention which is part of the philosophy of RA. Why junior high This is a time in students lives when they are seeking a voice. Its a time in their lives when its critical that we increase their connectivity to learning and to the school community. As a result we continue to support the development of social and emotional learning and RA aligns nicely to junior high. HRSB will continue to support staff learning and provide leadership to support the implementation of a restorative approach in the upcoming school year. One of the students featured in the video recently felt compelled to share her voice about her school community on social media. It was picked up by CBC Nova Scotia. Click on the photo to view the story. 33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 Goal 2 To strengthen safe and inclusive school environments 3