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Goal 4 To build engagement support and confidence in HRSB 6 School Reviews The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development introduced a new school review policy in 2013. In December the Governing Board approved two school reviews to take place one to address the creation of the new Eastern Passage High School and accompanying family of schools and the other involving five schools in the North End of Halifax within the Citadel High Family of Schools. Both School Option Committees SOCs are now engaging the community in important conversations about the schools. These conversations are not only happening at public meetings theyre also happening on social media. The SOC for the school review happening in the North End are using the Twitter account northendschools Heres an example of what some of the conversation looks like Here are some examples of the conversations happening on Twitter around the Eastern Passage review using the hashtag EPSOC2016 The engagement process directly supports Goal 4 as better decisions are made when more people are engaged in the process from start to finish. Recommendations from both SOCs are expected to come before the Governing Board in the next few months. Click here for more information.