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33 Spectacle Lake Drive Dartmouth NS. B3B 1X7 902.464.2000 7 Getting to Great Survey Our Getting to Great Survey is live until April 29 This year we have added questions that pertain to ALL school staff. We know that every person in a school no matter their job description plays an important role in setting a positive and nurturing environment. More participation from more people gives us a broader picture of whats happening in our schools and how we can do better. Nova Scotias Action Plan for Education The 3 Rs Renew Refocus Rebuild has four pillars in which a commitment has been made to make fundamental changes. Pillar 3 is Inclusive School Environments. It states In addition to academic and teaching excellence our schools need to lead the way as places of tolerance respect and personal responsibility. We need to accommodate differences celebrate diversity and show respect for students and adults p. 26. In previous years survey questions in relation to the learning environments in our schools were asked of students parentsguardians and classroom teachers only. We recognized that we were not including some very important members of our school communities and know that we need to hear their voices. For this reason we opened the survey to a broader audience. Groups included this year for first time School support staff caretakers custodians School secretaries Student support staff Library Support Specialists Educational Program Assistants Early Childhood Educators Student Support Workers Community Outreach Workers Non-teaching Casual Staff EXCEL staff lunch monitors Specialist teachers music physical education visual arts core French English as an Additional Language resource learning centre etc. Principals and Vice Principals non-teaching Participants were invited to answer the following questions Participants also have an open-ended question option at the end of the survey to provide additional information. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this years survey Goal 4 continued I try to ensure that families and community members feel welcomed at my school. People from diverse races and cultures are actively involved in my school. Students treat every staff member with respect. I experience discrimination at my school. My school is a safe place. I am treated unfairly compared to other school staff because of my culture or race. I find my work challenging in a positive way. I am proud of the work that I do. My work inspires me. I am enthusiastic about my work. Welcoming Students Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently released this video about how Halifax West High School helps newcomer youth learn Canadas official languages and adapt to Canadian society.