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adapting and adjusting the way we teach so that we are not only providing a high quality education for every student every day but we are also providing an education that is relevant to their culture their interests and their future. This months report will showcase more of the ways in which we are looking beyond this year and next to ensure that each student leaves our system equipped with the skills they need be successful contributing members of our community. Elwin LeRoux May 2016 How are we... continued Goal 1 To improve student achievement 2 We need to encourage more students to consider entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice. In order to foster this shift in thinking business and education must work together to provide students with more opportunities to learn about the world of business. By enabling our students to gain access to the experience and expertise of local business operators we can encourage the development of the attributes of successful entrepreneurs such as innovation creativity problem-solving skills personal initiative and teamwork. - Nova Scotias Action Plan for Education 2015 Is there a better way to introduce students to the world of business and entrepreneurship than to provide real-world opportunities and experiences Real-world opportunities for authentic learning opens students eyes to possibility There are countless examples of how our schools are encouraging students to think about innovation creativity problem-solving personal initiative and teamwork each and every day. Not only are we providing community-based learning opportunities through Co-op and O2 programs HRSB schools also partner with organizations such as The Learning Partnership TLP which provides public schools with access to a variety of programs to enhance learning in real-world applications. Many of our schools are involved with TLPs Entrepreneurial Adventure EA program. EA is a hands-on entrepreneurial journey designed to develop each students enterprising spirit financial literacy innovative thinking and social responsibility. Students work together to create a real business and all profits are donated to a charity of their choice. To the left is the story of a Grade six class at Ridgecliff Middle School that recently developed a business targeting dog owners. Take Our Kids To Work Day is another TLP initiative that many Grade 9 students take part in each year. This short video demonstrates what a few students from Brookside Junior High experienced. In addition to formal programs and partnerships Makerspaces are now in many of our schools. No two Makerspaces are alike The common thread is to give students a chance to create and innovate whatever they like using tools and materials they may not otherwise be exposed to. Check out the incredible creations below all made by students at the Bedford Forsyth Education Centre