Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6Goal 4: To build engagement, support and confidence in HRSB 5 Lights Off. Green On! The Lights Off. Green On! Energy Project is entering its fourth and final year. There are 15 additional schools that have construction starting in the next couple of months under the project. The approved budget for work to be completed this year is approximately $4.8M. After this fiscal year, 86 schools will have had energy upgrades completed with a total of $34.1M. The work completed under this program is expected to save the HRSB more than $2.5M a year in utility costs and reduce our annual greenhouse gas emissions by 7,400 tonnes of eCO2 which is equivalent to driving a car to the moon and back 37 times! That’s out of this world! This past month, the Lights Off. Green On! program held an energy reduction competition for elementary and junior high schools, to encourage students to monitor their school’s energy dashboard each day. The contest compared the weekly electricity consumption (kWh) of 37 schools over the course of three weeks. Overall, the contest had great results with an average combined weekly reduction of electrical consumption of 8,500 kWh or 6.6%. Congratulations to Holland Road Elementary who ranked 1st place with an average reduction of 35%! Schools that had the largest percentage decrease of their weekly electricity consumption were: Holland Road Elementary 35% Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Sr. 32% Halifax Central Junior High 16% Cunard Junior High 15% Herring Cove Junior High 12% Robert Kempt Turner Elementary 12% Summer Projects School will soon be out for summer, but July and August continue to be busy months of the year for our Operations Department. This is when our schools get a thorough cleaning and many needed repairs are completed. One of the major projects is occurring in the former Beaufort building across the street from LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary (LMST). For the past decade, this building has been used by Université Sainte-Anne for their teacher education program. This summer it will be converted back into an elementary school to house LMST for the next two years while a new elementary school is built on the current property. The provincial government has provided funding for nine schools to receive renovations costing between $150,000 and $1 million each. These projects cover items such as roof and window replacements, masonry repairs, and heating and ventilation work. HRSB also funds renovation and repair projects. These projects would cost less than $150,000 and are generally building system upgrades such as accessibility, roofing, masonry and asphalt. What does a healthy start to the day look like in HRSB schools?