Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 82 Did you know? HRSB is on YouTube! Follow us here! Graham Creighton Junior High School students with Nova Scotia’s Minister of Agriculture Keith Colwell. What was never an unknown was how our school communities would respond: schools opened doors, families opened their homes and communities opened their collective hearts to new students and their relatives. Fast forward a year, students are learning, playing and making new friends at school. It has been a historical journey for all involved, but it’s a journey that has given each of us the opportunity to learn more about others and ourselves. Just as we have in the past year, our system continues to evolve to meet the needs of all students. In this month’s report, I highlight some of those ways. In Goal 1, you will meet a junior high English Language Arts teacher who has changed her practice to create a supportive learning environment that considers a wide range of language learners. In Goal 2, you will hear from HRSB students who are part of the Me to We movement and the impact that’s having on their lives. You will also find a video outlining the considerations given to safety and inclusivity in the design of new schools (of which we have four in varying stages of design and construction!). In Goal 3, you’ll hear about Culturally Relevant Pedagogy through the lens of a newcomer student. In Goal 4, I challenge you to contribute to the discussion about the future of 17 schools in the Auburn/Cole Harbour District High communities by engaging in the current School Review Process. Change is inevitable. How we adapt to, evolve with, and influence that change is critical. In the year we celebrate Canada 150, it’s a perfect time to shine a light on and celebrate our differences as a country and a school community. I wish you all the best in 2017! Elwin LeRoux Nourish Your Roots Nourish Your Roots (NYR) continues to grow in HRSB schools! Fifteen schools participated in the NYR Holiday campaign, selling more than 2000 farm harvest boxes and raising $18,000 to support food and nutrition programs. Combined, the NYR Thanksgiving and Holiday campaigns sold 6900 farm harvest boxes in HRSB. That’s a lot of local produce! The overall campaign generated total revenues of $62,000 to support food and nutrition programs in 29 HRSB schools. Thank you to everyone who participated! continued from page 1