Goal 1: To improve student achievement What role should an innovative teacher play in the classroom? Is it a sage on the stage? A guide on the side? Or a meddler in the middle? According to Discovery Education’s Dean Shareski, the most innovative teachers know when to be all three! That’s part of the message he delivered during the keynote presentation at HRSB’s third annual Innovation in Teaching Day on October 13. More than 130 participants and 30 presenters took part in a day of play, imagination and discovery. Here’s what that looked like, along with part of Shareski’s keynote speech. Technology in the classroom: what does it look like? There are more than 14,000 board-supplied Chromebooks in HRSB schools. Ever wonder what students can do with them? These Grade 6 students at George Bissett Elementary School will tell you in this self-made video! Students in Ms. Trueman’s 5/6 class at Colonel John Stuart created the video below to show parents/guardians how they’re using technology in the classroom this year. The video was shown on curriculum night earlier this fall. We love it when students create and share videos that demonstrate their learning! Have something to contribute? Send a message to communications@hrsb.ca 3