2 Over the next week, we’ll be celebrating our students’ accomplishments as another school year wraps up. From grading to graduating, it’s always the right time to acknowledge success. Keep your eyes open for the hashtag #Ready4MyFuture to see what Grade 12 students are planning to do following graduation. This year, for the first time, I partnered with Halifax Regional Police and Halifax District RCMP to co-author a letter congratulating the Class of 2017 graduates. This letter highlights the importance of keeping safety top of mind during these times of celebration. Encouraging safe celebrations is a shared responsibility. Please reinforce these messages with your family and friends. My final report for the 2016-17 school year contains some fabulous stories of teaching and learning. From student-centred art exhibits to student-led space exploration to partnerships that provide students with the right opportunities to find future success, there is much to celebrate in the HRSB. You’ll also hear about integrating technology into language arts in upper elementary, how the Cross-Age Buddies program is enhancing school climates and how our Diversity Team facilitated ways to deepen understanding of what it means to be a school that is culturally responsive. If anything, this report taps into the various innovative ways our schools are creating opportunities for students to find their success. As I close this letter and report, I’d like to thank everyone who shared their stories of teaching and learning with me this year. Agreeing to be videotaped for all to see is extremely brave and important. Storytelling is an authentic and powerful way to demonstrate the ordinary miracles that happen in our classrooms, hallways and playgrounds each and every day. Sharing stories from schools also contributes to the narrative about public education, our commitment to students and the dedication of our staff. The stories featured in this report and on our YouTube channel speak so much louder than any written report. I’d also like to thank students, staff, families, volunteers, community members, and our Governing Board members for your perseverance through a year of many challenges. It takes a skilled and thoughtful crew to sail safely through stormy seas. It’s time now to rest, relax and recharge with friends and family. I wish you a wonderful summer, wherever you may be. I am hopeful that this fall will bring new beginnings and positive change for every student and staff member in our system. I look forward to a fantastic year ahead! Until September, Elwin LeRoux June 21 is national aboriginal day Did you know? HRSB Communications has produced 54 original videos in the 2016-17 school year to demonstrate teaching and learning in the Halifax Regional School Board? Follow our HRSBOfficial YouTube Channel!