5 Goal 2: To Strengthen Safe and Inclusive School Environments Achieve! Why is the Achieve program an important option for students with disabilities as they transition to the community? Last week, 20 students graduated from the first Achieve class at the Akerley Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Achieve is a transition program that prepares young adults with disabilities for life after high school. The program is a partnership between HRSB, the Department of Community Services and NSCC. Participants learn valuable life skills through interactive classroom-based groups, real-life settings and on-the-job experience. In this video, you will meet two HRSB graduates who recently completed the Achieve program – and are ready to conquer the real world! Everyone Needs a Buddy! How does the Cross-Age Buddies program help strengthen safe and inclusive school environments? In HRSB, 71 out of 86 elementary schools are currently participating in the Caring School Community (CSC) Social Emotional Learning curriculum resource. Oldfield Consolidated School is one of those schools that has embraced the vision of creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for everyone. The Cross-Age Buddies component of the CSC curriculum is a powerful way to help all children experience positive social relationships and enjoy a fresh perspective on themselves as learners. Through this work, older students have the opportunity to develop leadership qualities as they mentor their little buddies, while younger students get the chance to get to know older students who are positive role models. In addition, teachers are given an opportunity to gain invaluable teaching strategies from their partners, creating a sense of excitement for collaborative planning and teaching that is vital to a strong school community. Learn more about what’s happening at Oldfield: