5 Goal 3: To Achieve Equitable Learning Opportunities for All Students What do you wish your teacher knew about you? That’s the question we asked HRSB students from Grades Primary to 12 this past spring. What they offered was real, raw and reflective of their individual experiences academically, socially, emotionally and culturally. It’s honest, funny, innocent, heavy at times and hopeful. The purpose of this 10-minute video is to reinforce the importance of knowing each learner in our system, which is a key component of our Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) and equity work. It gives principals, teachers and staff a chance to pause, listen and remember that each of our 49,000 students is an individual with different strengths, challenges and interests. The video was shown to principals at Central Office and was made available for principals to show staff on opening day. Students were given anonymity, except for one student who communicates through American Sign Language (ASL) who asked to have his face shown. Facial expressions serve as punctuation in ASL. What do students wish their teachers knew? Why did the staff of St. Joseph’s-Alexander McKay (SJAM) go back in time to better understand students and families of today? On the September 6 professional learning day, the staff of SJAM traveled to the Africville Museum to meet with former resident, Irvine Carvery. By sharing first-hand stories and experiences about growing up in Africville, Mr. Carvery provided staff with insight into the community’s history and how it continues to shape the lives of current SJAM students and their families. The trip back in time was to help the school learn how to build respectful relationships with all members of the school community, by more deeply understanding its rich history. Learn more in this video.