Heather Hughes-Leck and nominator Anne Carlos 7 Goal 4: To Build engagement, support and confidence in HRSB What’s new in the arts? If you pay taxes in the municipality of Halifax, you are contributing to enhanced experiences for students in the Halifax Regional School Board. Supplementary funding is collected by Halifax Regional Council through a municipal tax assessment on residential and business properties. Thanks to this funding, more than $15 million has been provided this year to the HRSB to enrich the Public School Program (PSP) in areas such as fine arts and music. Over the course of the year, we’ll continue paint the picture of supplementary funding and its tremendous impact on student experiences. What will our fine arts programs look like this year? Meet our new Fine Arts Department Head in this video. What’s new in our supplementary funded music programs? Find out about how it’s expanding this year from Nathan Beeler and Pam Paddock, our All-City Music Department Heads in this video. Special thanks to our municipal councillors for their leadership in supporting supplementary funding and, of course, to all residents of the municipality for supporting our students. You make a difference! Auburn Drive / Cole Harbour School Review In early July, the Auburn Drive / Cole Harbour School Review process was paused pending the outcome of EECD’s administrative review. Special thanks to all of the volunteers who served on the School Options Committee (SOC). Your hard work and dedication to your community is remarkable. Thank you for all you have given to this process, and to the students and families in the Auburn Drive and Cole Harbour areas.