5 Goal 3: To Achieve Equitable Learning Opportunities for All Students How can the design of a school promote equitable, student-centered learning? According to the principal of the new Dartmouth South Academy, the physical space, the furniture and the technology all play critical roles in creating an environment that is responsive to each and every learner. Principal Adrienne Blumenthal opened the doors of the brand new school to excited Primary to Grade 8 students on January 8, 2018. Inside, they were introduced to a space that was intentionally designed to empower student learning, fuel student engagement and honour the unique learning styles of each student. What do students think of their new space? And what are some of the features of the building? Find out in this video: We Day Atlantic Hundreds of HRSB students took part in WE Day Atlantic 2017! What does the day-long celebration mean to students? Click below to find out!