6 #HRSBPartners: Halifax Public Libraries Did you know? For more than two decades, HRSB has partnered with Halifax Public Libraries to organize the African Heritage Month Youth Quiz. The quiz, offered to 10 junior high school teams in HRM, is designed to help students who identify as being of African descent learn more about their community, their history and themselves. The quiz consists of two preliminary rounds and a final championship, which is set to take place on March 5. Learn more about this valuable partnership in this video. Did you know that Supplementary Funding affords elementary and junior high school students the opportunity to participate in free pottery workshops at HRSB’s Pottery Lab? The fully-functioning lab is located at St. Catherine’s Elementary School. A class from East St. Margaret’s Elementary recently took the opportunity to play with clay and find their inner artist. This video shows what their day looked like. #ThanksToYouHalifax