7 Goal 4: To Build engagement, support and confidence in HRSB Do you know an HRSB teacher who makes history come to life in the classroom? Nominations for the Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching are now open! Each year, Canada’s History Society recognizes teachers for innovative approaches to teaching history. Winning teachers receive a cash prize of $2500, an additional $1000 for their school, and an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Ottawa to receive the award at Rideau Hall. Visit www.CanadasHistory.ca/GGAward for more information. CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Special Thanks to our Team of Doers! In 2012, HRSB staff worked with a workplace consultant from Workers Compensation Board (WCB) to develop strategies to improve workplace safety culture and reduce workplace injuries. The Team of Doers, which was made up of individuals representing every employee group in HRSB, has: • Engaged staff from all departments in regular meetings to discuss workplace safety, injury prevention and change the culture of safety at HRSB; • Increased communications with employees regarding workplace safety (regular ‘tool box’ talks); • Implemented preventative processes and appropriate equipment for tasks causing high injury rates; • Developed hazard identification inspection processes implemented at all schools and for all Operations projects; • Provided workshops for hazard identification, incident investigation, communication (safety talks), participatory ergonomics, and leading indicators; • Worked with SIP to obtain safety training for staff online; and • Documented the leading indicators (means to demonstrate safety processes) to ensure sustained implementation of success strategies. As a result of this work, HRSB is experiencing: • Reduced time for employees returning to work after incidents/injuries; • Reduced cost associated with time lost injuries; and • Reduction in the WCB premiums paid by HRSB in 2017. The Team of Doers will continue to meet, but on a less frequent basis. Thanks to everyone who has given of their time to this important ongoing work.